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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
That command would be the "change bank" command. If you change to another bank, data of tracks (or FX paramters) of this new bank are sent from Reaper. The amount of data (what is being sent) also can be specified like I mentioned.
Can you select a particular bank of FX, without continuously scrolling through all of them, one by one?
Remember that each bank increment/decrement would make Reaper to send all info about the banks that you're currently scrolling through.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
Maybe Justin meant this approach (taken from the official JSFX docs)
Maybe. I don't quite understand this approach. Need to read more about it.

Originally Posted by Veto View Post
check out Banneds script
I took my functions directly from that script by Banned. The thing is that they worked for me a couple of years before, but osc part doesn't work for now.
Still need time to figure out, why it isn't working.

Speaking about Banned. He didn't show up at the forum for two years. A year ago I was googling him because of that and found out his real name, his hometown and FB profile. I was afraid that he might've died. TBH, I still think that he's dead. 😐
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