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Thanks for the script. I have no issues with controlling Reaper from the console. What I'm interested in is feedback, so that the info will be updated properly for both LCD and LED buttons.

I think like I need to explain a bit further my concept of mode for the console.
Unlike banks, where the same set of controls could be used to control, let's say volume, modes will allow to use the same set for different tasks, like, in mixer mode 8 faders are for controlling track's volume in banks of 8.
In, let's say, "second mixer" mode, the same faders would control sends for tracks and in "third mixer) mode they would control receives.
Do you understand the concept, Veto?

So, when switching between those modes with dedicated buttons, LCD should display corresponding info about the faders. Let's say, the amount of volume in first mode, amount of send in second mode and amount of receive in the third one. For all tracks, divided by the set of 8. Get it? Good.

Now, I had no issues with "refresh all surfaces" action, while switching between those mode, while using celphor's version of oscii-bot 0.3. That one second that's needed to update info from Reaper was fine for me.

But, imagine, you are in second mode and track which have both sends and receives is selected. You're adjusting all its sends and now you need to adjust its receive. It may not be a typical situation, but, just imagine.

So, instead of permanently switching to "Third mixer" mode to get access for receives, you just hold the corresponding button and move first fader, which is now controlling receives, instead of sends. Then, you release the button and continue working with sends. That's the task.
The thing is that when the mode is temporarily switched, one needs to see the amount of current receive at the LCD. One needs to wait for a whole second while Reaper refreshed the surface and a little bit more, while the surface itself updates the info on LCD.

So, it's all about feedback and not about control or banks or anything else.
Most of the info that's sent by Reaper stays the same, and even if it changes, Reaper will send just this info to oscii-bot.

I've tried that strings method but yet couldn't get the behaviour.
All I could achieve is that the track names were added (concatenated) to the string, alternating with my divider. i couldn't make script to rewrite the names inside the string, yet. Will investigate further tomorrow.

Now, about your example: I don't need to store the same type of data in different strings. This way, 1024 strings can come to an end very quickly.
I need multi-dimensional arrays with readable names, tbt.

P.S. You said that you've met banned in Amsterdam. Do you know his real name? Cause I forgot it and can't remember how I found him. Probably, he had the same nickname at some game account.

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