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I was about to post more or less the same thing as Sju and doppelganger, and actually, this minimal dimension for a given mixer panel is 230 pixels. There are two things :

- the minimal dimension of the mixer window
- the minimal dimension of a mixer layout panel

The first one is supposed to be driven by the following non Walter instruction (in the header of the rtconfig.txt) that fixes its minimal height, blocking it.

mcp_min_height 240

The second one is more or less driven by this Walter instruction (taken from the da - Session Mixer" layout of the default theme) :

set mcp.size [87 501 0 340]

The two first values are the 'regular' dimension of the panel, used when designing the panel itself and the place of the controls that are in it. The two last ones are values under which, when reducing the panel dimensions, a shadow appears in the bottom of it, indicating that the controls in it will no longer be displayed correctly. It doesn't block the vertical redimension of the panel itself : in this case, it only shows that between 340 and 230 pixels height, more and more controls will disappear as the panel height is reduced.

So, I'm afraid that it's not possible to make a panel with less than 230 pixels height, this with a visible extended mixer, when the panels are redimensionable (mcp.extmixer.mode [0]) as it's the case for this layout, the shared height of each area in the mixer window being driven by Reaper and not alterable by a themer.
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