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Thank you so much, all of you. You spared me some serious code wanking cause I couldn't find the real cause. You're all lifesavers.

Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
If you want to have bigger fxlist, but smaller panel with control elements,
one more way is completely to remake layout using:
"mcp.extmixer.mode [1]" and "mcp.extmixer.position",
in this case you will be able to have bigger fxlist and smaller panel,
but it will be static, border between panel and fxlist will not be draggable.

Maybe someone else knows better solution.
This is actually an acceptable solution. Huge extmixer and little border on the bottom
Sounds simple enough (I dabbed with some WALTER, but it has been a long time) - will give a try then and see what I can mash up.
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