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Default For "do it yourself" with OSCII-bot

1a. Unzip the OSCII-bot files to any suitable directory.
Note there is a readme.txt file to read
1b. locate the .ReaperOSC file on your computer
2. use Darkstar's monitor script as an example script that is simple and works.
This allows you to see OSC traffic (as will the OSCII-bot console)
This script is in this forum.
3. Read the Reaper OSC and OSCII-bot web pages. Repeat
4. set up inputs and outputs for OSC in the script and in Reaper so you can see the Reaper<->X32 traffic
5. modify and create a script written in EEL2 and if needed customise .ReaperOSC
6. Look at the sample scripts provided with OSCII-bot too, or scripts written by others for ideas.

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