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To be clear, I don't think there's anything wrong with lower-powered amps. But if you're expecting that it'll sound "like a higher powered amp but better because saturation!" etc., you're probably going to be disappointed. Lower-powered amps are their own thing. I felt most confident when selling my 10W (and 20W) amps to people who already used and liked amps in that power range. For everyone else, it was a gamble. That's disappointing to me. And you can't fight someone's preconceptions...or at least it seems I can't. Now I just discontinue a product if people don't understand what it's meant to do. It sucks to do it, but it saves everyone hassle in the long run.

And yeah if you were somehow expecting one of my current amps could be "just made smaller" and therefore a lot cheaper, you misunderstood. You wouldn't be the first person to hint that they wanted a cheaper amp, so I'm not offended if that's the case. It's just not going to happen. I could make a lower-powered amp which is somewhat cheaper, but it would lack half the features of my current lineup (and sound "small" to people who like higher-powered amps). So many people assume I can "just" reduce my feature set because I can "build it for the best sound and remove half the knobs", but everyone dials the amps in differently. "Just" removing half the features, and making the poweramp work drastically different just for the sake of "low powered and cheaper" is something which doesn't appeal to me.
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