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Originally Posted by threeoten View Post
I get the following errors when trying to run this action:

Warning: @import could not open 'inc/AudioFunctions.eel'
Warning: @import could not open 'inc/MiniGui.eel'
Warning: @import could not open 'inc/Presets.eel'
gen_Envelope-based Compressor v2.eel:26: 'Thresh.DW_New' undefined: 'Thresh.DW_New(1, "Slider", "V", 40,30,20,250, r,g,b,a, "Th'

I have python enabled, ReaPack and SWS installed.. any help is appreciated.
You have to grab the "inc" folder from the GitHub repo. You can use DownGit. And there I already filled in the correct download link for you, as I just half an hour ago did the same thing.

You copy the "inc" folder to the same place where you have Eugene's script installed (probably in <Reaper resource folder>/Scripts).

Python has nothing to do with this, as these are eel scripts.
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