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Originally Posted by martifingers View Post
As a matter of interest Serr is that your opinion of Audition's noise reduction tools as well?
I haven't tried it recently but I'd guess that. That was a limited app with very basic tools. What I remember was in the same camp as ReaFIR or the old one that Protools used to have circa 1998 (DINR?)

For context, just about any of these - even the 20th century stuff - can be used to remove hiss from a bass di track, for example, and no one would be the wiser or hear any artifact of any kind in the mix. Or a dozen other examples.

But for full program music that is slathered in tape hiss? It's really the big guns or nothing. I guess I'm assuming these are music recordings and not just dialog, but that wasn't specifically stated by OP. Oh, and that music slathered in tape hiss will have high end attenuation at the same time. So your task is to both remove the noise and bring the high end back into balance. It doesn't come easy.
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