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Originally Posted by heda View Post
adding the plugins directly in the master track was the first thing I used because there was not API support for the monitor FX Chain back then. But now it is better to use the monitor fx chain

using the plugins in the master track:
  • 1) Bad: the master fx chain plugins is cluttered with dpmeter and track inspector plugins.
  • 2) Bad: Adding a plugin to the master track makes the TI plugins positioned incorrectly and you must move them down in the FX chain again to monitor the last signal on the master track again.
  • 3) Bad: plugins cannot monitor the signal after the master fader. Although not recommended to move the master fader from 0.0

monitor FX chain
  • 1) Good. Keeps master track FX chain clean.
  • 2) Good. you can add plugins to the master track without worries to affect the monitoring. Monitor the true master output, after all master plugins and fader.
  • 3) Good. Monitor FX plugins don't use CPU while rendering
  • 4) Bad. I haven't found a way to insert the plugins via API, so the user has to manually insert the included fx chain. you only need to do it once since monitor FX Chain is shared for all projects.
Thanks for explaining!
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