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Originally Posted by serr View Post
My question then is: What do you do that requires you to turn it off?

I just leave it on. So... apparently I never want to record multitrack and NOT have the recorded items grouped. If you do, then you'll just have to toggle it on/off as applies like any other feature you sometimes use and sometimes not.
While thats true what you are saying, I need multitrack recordings to be grouped by default, but not in the same group. Lets say I record an entire band simultaneously recording 2 guitar tracks, 1 vocal track, 10 drum tracks and 2 bass tracks.

Each section bass/guitar/vocals/drums, should be grouped separately, not in the same group, so when it comes to editing I can edit each section independently.

Thats why I asked if there is a way to group recorded items automatically if the respective tracks are grouped.
Hope that clears it up!
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