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Originally Posted by heda View Post
Buttons with icons!
You can create a new button as text button normally, and then set the icon to it.
to use the icons, make a folder "toolbar_icons" inside your "Track Inspector VIP settings" folder and copy the png files there, so it will be "Track Inspector VIP settings\toolbar_icons\myicon.png" for example. Then right click on the custom button and set icon... and point to that file in that folder.

the png files can also be loaded from Resources/Data/toolbar_icons which is the default folder for REAPER toolbar icons

the dimensions of the images can be anything but like standard REAPER toolbar icons, there has to be 3 icons per image for the three states of the icon are stored in the same image. normal, mouse over and mouse press. Just open any toolbar icon from REAPER and you will see.

no more updates today... I think...

* v1.4rc58 (2019-12-09)
+ Icons in custom buttons. Place your png files in your "Data/toolbar_icons" folder or in "Track Inspector VIP settings/toolbar_icons" folder
# changed default theme for new installations to Default_6.0
Nice work Heda !
now the buttons looks very straight forward without reading the text !
love it...

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