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Default Re: how to work with track template

Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
That's a bit sparse as information. If you want a feature added, you should be a bit more specific. You can't expect Héctor going down the rabbit hole.

Also, keep in mind, that TI track tags has way more features and is therefore more complex structure wise. However, it is not complex to handle, really.
It's pretty straight forward.
Sry Stevie I wasn’t mean that way.
My language skill isn’t too goood especially English.
I believe that TI has plenty of features... that’s absolutely no doubt of that, cuz I simply love this thing.
I was trying to say that it could be more easy to use.
keep the features and optimize it to get a better user experience.
I was planning to describe it more specifically,
But my language skill won’t allow me
So I’ll make a Chinese proposal 1st after my fd translate it for me then I’ll post it here
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