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Originally Posted by rluk View Post
Would it be possible to make more gradient ranges, so all of the different instrument groups would have the same colour?
Hmmm, I might consider that. I'll add it to my ToDo list.

Originally Posted by zappsunzorn View Post
Are macro markers included? (updates?)
I haven't included macro markers in the consolidated plugin (yet), and sorry, no updates. I still consider that one quite experimental.

Originally Posted by AlienInfix View Post
Q: Link to forum post or anything that explain basics to sws noob?
I *really* should make this more formal, but here's some links:
Time/Loop save slots
Item state slots

Originally Posted by AlienInfix View Post
Q: Anyone care to post a good SWSColor file?
I don't have any; I suggest you bug the person who made your Reaper theme to give you 16 colors that match the theme. You can find the format of the SWSColor file above, or I can create a file for you if you PM me the colors.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback!
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