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Originally Posted by Joystick View Post
Anyone knows the format of the Markerlist plugin? I mean how can I create markers in a text file and then import them into SWS Markerlist.
The format is:
n time_in_s "Name" is_region? region_end
n=Marker/Region #
time_in_s=Time in seconds of marker/region start
"Name"=Marker/Region name, in quotes
is_region?=0 for marker, 1 for region
region_end=Time in seconds of region end, or -1 if marker
1 10.00 "Marker at 10 seconds" 0 -1

You can see the format for yourself by creating some markers, running the action "SWS: Copy marker set to clipboard" and then pasting into notepad.

If you want to get markers in, copy the text to the clipboard using notepad and run "SWS: Paste marker set from clipboard." Note this replaces all the existing markers!

Alternatively, you can edit the .RPP file directly. It's in a nice txt format that's fairly easy to interpret.
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