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Originally Posted by jmarkham View Post

1. Mbox 1 : ASIO .. doesn't work reaper locks up on playback.
2. Mbox 2 Pro : ASIO & WDM/KS .. reaper works fine.
3. 003 rack : ASIO .. doesn't work .. lockup
4. 003 console : ASIO .. doesn't work .. lockup
Something is up here because many of us can get these to work no problem. Here is what I have tested on Reaper from 8 months ago to today:

Mbox Original : Works great with ASIO.
Mbox 2 Mini : Works great with ASIO.
Mbox 2 : Works great with ASIO.
002R : Works great with ASIO.
Digi 96 I/O : Works great with ASIO.
Digi 001 : Works great with ASIO.

Someone tried the Digi 192 I/O awhile back with no problems. I can test the Digi 192 I/O to confirm at the end of the week. Many of the boxes above have been confirmed by others.


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