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For the first one, try creating the following custom action (you'll have to install the SWS extension if you don't have it already):

+SWS: Move cursor to item peak in sample
+Item: Set snap offset to cursor

Does that work as you want it to on one item? If it does, then putting it into a script to handle multiple selected items and restore the cursor position at the end would be very easy.

For the second one, do you want to just move the media item to where the snap offset was? So if you use the SWS action above to set the edit cursor to peak and then set the snap offset to the cursor, is your second request to move the media item so the left end is at the edit cursor and then cut off the right end of the media item to preserve its previous end point? Or do you just want to shorten the media item from the left end up to the cursor (in which case why set the snap-offset initially at all? you could just skip setting snap offset and immediately cut the item from the left up to the cursor point).

Just slightly confused by what you mean when you say "Set the left edge of media item to snap offset"

If you select the action:
+Item edit: Move left edge of item to edit cursor

Is that similar to the behavior you're looking for? If it is, then this can easily be built into the script as well (or do you want it separate?)

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