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Alright, I'm running into a new dilemma. The only way to ensure that the phase alignment is proper is to put each item in its own track, stacked on top of one another. I use Xenakios "reposition item's start to 0s" to make them be in the same exact place in the project and then "explode items to tracks".

Awesome Ok! Oh wait... problem: there's no way to gaurantee that the media items stay in order, therefore exporting/naming samples will be impossible. The solution is:

#1: Cut/Name/Export samples BEFORE I start phase aligning (I really wish I wouldn't have to do this)

#2: A script or SOME TOOL that will allow me to rename items based on a txt list or somehow copy-paste in a list of names that correspond to the order that they appear in the project.

#3: OH! Here's a really simple idea! I already know how to take a list and rename regions. What about something that will make the media item take on the name of the region it's in?

I'm sure it'd be more difficult to program something that takes into account multiple tracks, so I could be sure to only have one track, one media item consecutively after the next, keep the project as simple as possible.

If I could rename media items based on a list, REAPER would become twice as amazing as it already is.
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