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Originally Posted by novaburst View Post
I no you have omnisphere, but what ather plugins do you run, do you have waves, izotope, mixbus3, halion 5, do you work with kontact, and komplete,

synth master, dune 2 and 1 what about camel audio

are we going to rely on 10 to sort the drivers out or the plugin comperny to give us some assurance that its ok on 10

I would hate to be putting aside tons of plugins because of glitch problems in 10

But my wish is that all is ok with out glitch but does that ever happen
I think you'll only have to wait a few days to find out about any sob stories if there is going to be any hiccups with the big boys. So Download it, wait a week or so before installing it. Follow NI and KVR forums wait for the fallout, if there is any. You can be sure lots of people will kick up a fuss if it all goes wrong.

Maybe you won't even have to reregister some of them if it is done as an update. Have to wait and see.
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