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You're right. Maybe it should be a setting?

[ ] Disable automatic update checking
[x] Check at startup for major repository-wide release (default)
[ ] Enable minor updates (check at startup only too)
[ ] Completely prevent music making and normal REAPER use by checking every two seconds!

It's getting a bit more complex:

-> time ->
minor = v1    v2   v3   v4   v5  -  v6
major = -  v1 -    -    v4   -  v5
Personally I like to receive updates frequently but I understand how annoying it can get for some users not caring for these sort of things.

EDIT: With such a setup, when a major release user installs a script for the first time, should he get the "older" version from the current major release or the latest one with the possibility to upgrade manually?

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