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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post

One time only anectdotes are NOT evidence

Just an amateurish experiment, not true science, no replication, nothing but anecdotal evidence...

But, I seek not to change the world, make money, convince others; I seek only a better recorded guitar sound, for myself given my unique setup and gear (i.e. cheap amateur-entry level stuff).

I was told that 'blankets' could not treat a room, so... I tried it anyway!

In this non-replicated experiment (N=1), I have this to report: The blankets improved the quality of the recorded guitar.

Here is my experimental 'treated room' / recording booth:


I noticed less background noise, less harshness, less 'robotic' metallic distortion/artifacts (note: cheap condenser microphone - blue yeti that I detest), and also less random spikes in the harmonics/overtones. Somehow, this experiment made me not want to toss the microphone in the garbage anymore...

Draw backs? It's hot in there!!! lol
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