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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I never saw that a Rotary sends increments, but usually rotaries have an LED Ring showing the would-be value and hence the device does know (and for displaying it needs to know) the absolute value.
From reaperOSC file:
r: rotary. The device triggers the action in the forward direction when sent  
# with an argument greater than ROTARY_CENTER, and in the reverse direction when 
# sent with an argument less than ROTARY_CENTER. For some messages, the magnitude 
# of the argument affects the rate of change.
This is what I'm interested in.

There are also this commands available in ReaperOSC, but they would only work with actions (numerical or strings, in case of SWS actions) and not with ReaperOSC commands, like "r/track/volume".

ACTION_SOFT f/action/@/cc/soft
ACTION_RELATIVE f/action/@/cc/relative
Originally Posted by mschnell View Post

OTOH, AFAIK, the "standard" in OSC is to encode parameter changes as 0.0 ... 1.0 in floating point as a representation of the absolute parameter value min ... max.
True, but that's not the point here. Soft/Relative/Absolute mode are available for midi learn and for regular actions, but not for ReaperOSC native commands.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Obviously in your example "1" is "1.0" and results in maximum and "-1" is clamped to "0.0" and results in minimum. Wich seems rather correct to me.
You don't understand. Yes, it's always 1-0 with OSC. The thing is how Reaper interprets those values. Again, Soft/Relative/Absolute modes.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I suppose you need to do an "OSC-dialogue" and first fetch the current value (to be displayed on the LED Ring, if exists) and then send the value esulting from the increment.
This is not what I need. I'm not talking about feedback right now. Making LED rings to reflect values from Reaper is the easiest thing. It's all about smooth controlling the parameters.
Also, It seems like Reaper doesn't send FX parameter names/values to the device for me. Both with default and some third-party ReaperOSC files.
I suppose, one should send Reaper some additional command to notify it that the device is in FX control mode now.
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