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Cool OSC to midi, (Iannix to control piano in DAW with SCALA file) Help!

Hello People! I am a complete beginner in programming, i need help,here is the deal:
I need the code for this (i have only achieved this code:@input devicehandle OSC "*:8000"),
i need to convert the osc that Iannix is sending to midi to control a piano that has a scala file set in. the scala file has 1200 notes an octave for 10 octaves.
I have a score with 60 curves that are sending OSC, can someone post the code i need?
We could first start with one OSC curve and Id do the rest: the first osc curve is "curve 17"... my logic is this:
Output osc from iannix to input in OSCIIBOT, then output midi from OSCIIBOT to MUlab(my DAW) where i would have loopMidi Port 1 as a receiver of the data.
Please HElp!
Thank you!

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