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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Right, so through a terminal I get a lots of:
( Gdk-CRITICAL **: 18:05:34.764: gdk_keymap_get_for_display: assertion 'GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed
and keymap/replace stuff blabla's (the short version.

I get what you are saying though, I am just a tad un-comphy with that stuff at this early stage and, I don't have a hard time switching to something else for the time beeing since I have barely used Manjaro and I would like to keep my momentum in getting something Linux installed and try REAPER see where we are at.
Fair enough. If you're doing music then I would advise ubuntu or debian based distros so you can use the kxstudio repo. KDE Neon is a nice minimal(ish) base to start with.

You could also have a look at avlinux, that's a very complete set up.
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