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Originally Posted by bulevardi View Post
I used to be a Reaper user, a very happy one, as it was my favourite daw until now.

But for some reason, my Windows crashed and couldn't even re´nstall the recovery of it... so I switched to Linux Mint last month.

I could run Reaper via Wine and/or PlayOnLinux, but not everything worked as it should.
Also, my favourite VST's: Synth1 (ran with bugs) and Vandal amp (didn't even open) were lost because of that.


Hopefully someday Reaper makes a Linux native version ...
Looking forward to the future!

After dwelling around, using different softwares... had issues with lots of stuff... back with Reaper.
Tried the latest stable version that is downloadable from the main site.
Works perfect!
Finally, my whole setup is working again ^^ > In Linux, that is !

However, not using Synth1 anymore, but U-HE's Hive, works linux native too. And switched the Vandal VST with Line6 Pocket Pod.

Thanks all !
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