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Originally Posted by enroe View Post
My recommendation:

1. You need a domain-provider (which costs a little).

2. You need a hoster (which normally is free).

That's all! If you have (1) and (2) you just need very little
Know-How about HTML - only 5 HTML-commands - and you can do
all you want!

The 5 HTML-commands are: <head>, <body>, <p>, <link>, <img>
Just look for these and you have it all!
Well this is GROSSLY oversimplified to say the least. And perhaps a bit misleading.

1. getting a domain name is easy enough (although there are alot of domain name scams out there so beware). Make sure you actually own it and can point it to wherever you decide to host without limitation.

2. Hosting, especially if you want to stream music from your website, is not at all an equal or level playing field. Although there are a ton of free or cheap 'hosting' sites, again you need to be careful and read all the fine print. You generally get what you pay for. Can you backup your website easily to your own equipment? Are you using templates?

Stay away from templates if you can. You generally CANNOT back these up properly nor can you move them to another hosting provider later. You will be stuck starting from scratch. This is because the 'template' approach means you are depending on the hosting service to construct your pages on the fly. The resulting HTML has dependencies which are specific to the hoster and not accessible to you. You can't simply save the page to your hard disk and put it up somewhere else.

3. If you want to stream your music you are going to need a host that permits and supports it. And you are going to need more than those simple HTML markups to make anything worth looking at. If you want to get ranked in Google eventually you will need a much better understanding of SEO, CSS, mobile multi-platform, etc. Again, there are templates out there that can help you with that but you will be tied to the hoster. Any attempt to move later will mean starting over.

Your analogy is like telling someone they can type:

print('hello world');

and now they are a computer programmer.
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