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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
No, it isn't, the policy is they can 'use' the thing that you post which has been mostly true for any entity long before the internet, they don't own your copyright or anything like that:

Now one may somewhat rightfully take issue with the fact they can share/use it, but it is only a license for them to do that, they do not own anything of yours that is IP albeit there are thousands of people misreading the term and perpetuating a certain amount of nonsense without fact checking. Granted, I'd bet that there are customer support people at FB that misread this also but in reality they don't actually own your song if you post it there, to state it in plain terms.
This is more accurate. Thanks Karbon. Nonetheless, do you want to give fakebook the right to use/publish your music without restriction and/or notice/compensation? Frankly, I don't trust Fakebook to follow their own rules anyway. Better to post links to a site YOU control. Karbon's detail is correct but the end result for me is the same. I wouldn't post anything I care about there.
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