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Originally Posted by Steviebone View Post
This is more accurate. Thanks Karbon. Nonetheless, do you want to give fakebook the right to use/publish your music without restriction and/or notice/compensation? Frankly, I don't trust Fakebook to follow their own rules anyway. Better to post links to a site YOU control. Karbon's detail is correct but the end result for me is the same. I wouldn't post anything I care about there.
I don't really use Facebook much (for different reasons) but I don't think this is about them using/publishing one's music in the way most interpret. Part of it is surely a CYA since it is a social site and other users are going to use FB to like/share what you post to others (FB would have some responsibility there with IP that is posted) and/or general promotion, which might be similar to a formal song/band site where the site wants the right to use your content as examples of the great content contained therein.

As far as the original post, there is going to be a line where they just need to use something like soundcloud and free or it gets close enough to being a business that it's going to be worth joining/paying for a site dedicated to this.
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