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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
You can and just as a random example, someone like GoDaddy...
GoDaddy is perhaps the prime "stay away" example. There have been several instances of people losing their registration to... Godaddy. After which, Godaddy sold the domain to a competitor of the original owner.

Just do a search for Godaddy and scam...

One host that used to be good and US based, is Bluehost:

But, honestly, I haven't used them in years.

In Europe, one of the biggest and cheapest that is reliable, is OVH. They're French, but also available in English:
Their products range from free to professional. Support is good. And they're big enough to have server farms all over the world.

Another very big and cheap one is They are reliable, but their support is sometimes not that great and they oversell a lot. If you're lucky, your 1$ a month account will be reasonably fast. If not, you might be on the same server/ip as some adult content hosts and that will hurt your ranking and speed.

If you're dead serious, your own dedicated server will set you back around 50 €/month. Far more storage, but far more work. Could provide room for 100-500 sites.

And then there's the cloud. On the same level of expertise as your own dedicated server. Is being sold as extremely reliable, but all the big ones have been down for hours lately. Except IBM, but they are expensive and not available unless you're a business.

Besides, being down for a couple of days doesn't hurt your Google ranking.
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