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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I call BS, I have probably 60 (yes 60) domains there for 15 years now, I've spoken with support multiple times and thus far always a pleasure and one of the rare instances where someone actually answers the phone, and anytime a domain is near expiry, if it gets to close, they will actually call me to confirm.

And don't forget, GoDaddy is one of the reasons domains aren't 50.00 USD a pop like they were then Network Solutions was basically one of the only domain resellers. Been in that business for a very long time.
I've had customers with domains there too. I've moved all of them away without any problem. Except one. And that one lost their domain.

Just search a bit. You'll see.

Here's a typical one, admitted from 10 years ago:

They might have cleaned up their act today, but I've seen enough scams, threats and other unsavory practices from that outfit to never do business with them again.
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