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@cyrano: Good advices here from you!

Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
You really don't want to write your own HTML etc. There's plenty of CMS packages around. Even Wordpress can be pretty good now they have auto updates, if you stay away from some plugins. Ask your host. They'll usually have a shortlist of CMS packages they support and these days, a serious host will have an auto install for these. That gets you up and running in an hour or so.
Of course you can take one of the CMS packages. And there's
plenty of them.

But you also can write your own HTML very easy. I'd like
to encourage everyone to write his own HTML. And for a
first result it is rather easy (--> see next post).

The advantage is: You always have full control over your
own HTML-site. And slowly but steadily you might improve
your site - and still understand every code on your side.
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