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Originally Posted by enroe
The 5 HTML-commands are: <head>, <body>, <p>, <link>, <img>
Just look for these and you have it all!
Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
I'd like to see your pages...
Haa yeah, you're very invited to visit my pages (--> see this footer)!

I'd like to encourage everyone to make his own page. And really: As
a start you just need a good "web-picture" - put it in via <img> and
voila: Your first website looks as good as this webpic.

Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
I run several sites of my own. The oldest one is nearly 20 years in existence, has about 50.000 visitors monthly and is about food. Sorry, only in Dutch and link only via pm. It started as a research project into search engines. That's why I don't want to post a link here. Would disturb my measurements, as this forum is very big. Another one is over ten years old and about audio, but also only in Dutch. Besides those, I manage a few dozens of company sites.

It's not impossible to score well with a personal site without social media. But it takes patience and a lot of hard work. You need lots of text, as Google can't index pictures, music, or video.

If you don't want to invest in hard work, a FB page would be better. You can always put links on there to your music on a reliable host that doesn't steal your content. But even a FB page requires work. You need to keep it alive and that requires regular "news". It also requires you to search FB for people with similar interests.
All true, yes.

Nevertheless it is a difference if you have your own site. You also do
your own music, don't you?

In all cases - if you use a CMS or wordpress or build up a FB-page -
it is an amount of work you have to invest. Why not invest this amount
of work into your own page where you always have full control? And
from where you can build it up in an evolutionary step-by-step way?

There are many ways, but I plead for the last mentioned way.
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