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Originally Posted by Steviebone View Post
Stay away from templates if you can. You generally CANNOT back these up properly nor can you move them to another hosting provider later.

You will be stuck starting from scratch. This is because the 'template' approach means you are depending on the hosting service to construct your pages on the fly. The resulting HTML has dependencies which are specific to the hoster and not accessible to you. You can't simply save the page to your hard disk and put it up somewhere else.
Why wouldn't you be able to back up a template? I do that quite often when moving sites.

There IS a reason to be careful when choosing templates. Some are not so good and might introduce security problems. That's especially true in the case of Wordpress and Joomla.

3. If you want to stream your music you are going to need a host that permits and supports it. And you are going to need more than those simple HTML markups to make anything worth looking at. If you want to get ranked in Google eventually you will need a much better understanding of SEO, CSS, mobile multi-platform, etc. Again, there are templates out there that can help you with that but you will be tied to the hoster. Any attempt to move later will mean starting over.

Your analogy is like telling someone they can type:

print('hello world');

and now they are a computer programmer.
That's basically true. But I can't think of a host that doesn't "permit" streaming. In it's simplest form, it's just downloading. And the only barrier is file size limits. A song is several MB, some hosts limit file size to 1 MB or so...

Still, you can always host your songs on one of the streaming hosts, like Soundcloud and link to them.


Why are you in denial? We all know the words "own your music" aren't exact. FB gets the right to use your stuff for free, without limits, even including selling it. And that has happened, IIRC. They made a publicity video with pics from FB users, without asking or even telling them. That's OK, maybe, but they also made it seem like these users had a fake profile, because their names were fake in the vid.

The same goes for Godaddy's business practices. OK, they manage millions of domains, being the biggest in the business. So you probably won't get to experience the same scams.

But I personally know of three cases. One in the domains I used to manage and two of quite famous security researchers. The latter two lost their domain because GD all of a sudden decided the content of their sites wasn't "appropriate", despite the content wasn't hosted with GD, nor the DNS. That's not only crazy, business wise, it's also clear censorship...
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