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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
without limits, even including selling it.
When ^that happens to you or someone you know by any quantifiable measure, post back here with the details of FB selling their music, along with links of how and where FB is selling it. Watered-down exceptions or half-baked horror stories found on the net not acceptable (which many of you seem to be terribly gullible of and falling for).

What do you think is going to happen, you miss your chance at being a worldwide musical sensation, and end up in ruins because FB made millions off some song you shared - in a world where your chances of more than 50 people even seeing it (much less caring) is miniscule at best? Sorry to break any hearts but FB doesn't give a shit about yours or my music.

Thusly, you guys are taking it further than sensible reality and perpetuating fear which is what I do care about - that, is in reality the much, much bigger issue. I find it odd that you don't understand that it is, or 'why' it is the bigger issue.

Ha, I just realized there is an FB post in my sig, I didn't post it on FB, our marketing company did, but guess how worried I am... not one bit, because there is nothing to worry about.
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