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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
But I personally know of three cases. One in the domains I used to manage and two of quite famous security researchers. The latter two lost their domain because GD all of a sudden decided the content of their sites wasn't "appropriate", despite the content wasn't hosted with GD, nor the DNS. That's not only crazy, business wise, it's also clear censorship...
There is no way that is even remotely related to increasing danger of a musician buying a domain in any real sense, it's just more fear spreading, not to mention it sounds fishy in every way. I could easily parrot stories for ANY registrar because shit happens and the devil is always in the omitted details - It's not that mistakes or bad decisions aren't made, it is the out-of-proportion weight and demonization you are applying - again, exceptions are a called exceptions for a reason. You are more likely to get hit by a bus.

To be clear, it's the "Chicken Little" behavior I'm arguing here, not the companies involved.
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