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Originally Posted by TexasMusicForge View Post
Strong recommendation for Bandzoogle, most especially if you're new to it all or are just too busy to mess with website maintenance like I am. They have templates, drag and drop editing, good customer support and you can outsource your music sales and credit card processing stuff to them.

If you'd like to see what they look like in practice, my website is - I use that website to support music sales, licensing, podcast publishing and touring in the US and abroad. It took me a couple of hours to set up, tweak and load content into. Worth mentioning - in light of some comments on this thread - that it's really easy to load a new song onto the site, make it available for sale, then generate a link for a good looking mp3 player which loads well on Facebook without actually loading your music onto Facebook's servers.

There are cheaper alternatives and a lot of people swear by bandcamp and other services. Bandzoogle has worked for what I need my website to do without having to invest time in learning WordPress or work around the shortcomings of some other sites' approach to building a website. Your mileage may vary.

+ if you wan't it to be simple and easy and look pretty good. It couldn't be easier. Also their tech support is very good from my experience.
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