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Originally Posted by enroe View Post
Karbo, you are interfusing two things:

1. With your account on Facebook you hand over nearly all your rights
over to Facebook
. That is a fact.
What exactly are "nearly all my rights"? I have a lot of them, that is not a specific statement that informs anyone of anything, it's generalization minus details - facts on the other hand are specific things.

And yeah, everyone has to balance between these two poles, (1) and (2),
and make his very own decision. But it is not honest if you trivialize
fact (1)!
It's a SHARING site, it's predicated on users sharing (music in this case) with as many people as possible. That fact alone requires pretty much the same agreement wording as a responsibility to the users so that user 1 can share something, user 2 likes it and can share with someone else, the very definition of the exposure you want by posting music to the public. The host, (in this case FB) needs some type of license from you to allow that to occur on their servers. I have my own issues with FB but this isn't one of them.

As far as being honest, I'm the only one who took the time to actually find, and present the actual agreement, everyone else was just fine making stuff up. Being honest and factual is the only reason I even replied to this now train wreck of a thread

Take care.
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