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Originally Posted by enroe
Karbo, you are interfusing two things:

1. With your account on Facebook you hand over nearly all your rights
over to Facebook. That is a fact.
Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
What exactly are "nearly all my rights"? I have a lot of them, that is not a specific statement that informs anyone of anything, it's generalization minus details - facts on the other hand are specific things.
Ooops, isn't that obvious?
If we talk about "facebook + copyrights" then "nearly all rights" are all
rights regarding the utilization of all content you post on facebook.
You don't transfer the copyrights to facebook, but you transfer "nearly
all rights" of utilization.

Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It's a SHARING site, it's predicated on users sharing (music in this case) with as many people as possible. That fact alone requires pretty much the same agreement wording as a responsibility to the users so that user 1 can share something, user 2 likes it and can share with someone else, the very definition of the exposure you want by posting music to the public. The host, (in this case FB) needs some type of license from you to allow that to occur on their servers.
Yes yes: On a SHARING site you need to share the content. Everybody understands
that. But the other side of the medal is that with this "sharing agreements"
you inevitably hand over rights to exploit your content. Everybody should be
aware of this fact. A fact that you tend to deny (sorry to say that).

But that's not enough: The term "transferable, sub-licensable" means that
Facebook can give the rights to utilize content to other companies and
3rd parties
. They can transfer it anywhere!

For instance, the experiences and conclusions of a Corey Ann, a fotographer
and blogger, are:

Originally Posted by Corey Ann
… once something is posted or uploaded onto Facebook it becomes Facebook’s property. So if the original photographer uploaded the photo first onto Facebook and then others have taken it from there and uploaded it to their pages or profiles, this is legal and within policy, there’s nothing I can do about it unfortunately even if they are taking credit for the photos.
Keep in mind that this does not only apply to fotos, it also applies to
mp3s or wavs.

Of course, Facebook does not really own the copyrights, BUT Facebook
has nearly all rights to utilize all your content. And it has the
right to give these rights to other companies, to "tranfer" them and to
"sub-license" them. That is what Cory Ann has experienced after a long
fight with facebook.

Info: click here.

The problem is: What Corey Ann experienced is not an isolated incident,
it most likely isn't.

Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
As far as being honest, I'm the only one who took the time to actually find, and present the actual agreement, everyone else was just fine making stuff up.
I appreciate you for this. Thank you!
Nevertheless it is quite difficult to deal with the complex topic "facebook
and copyrights" as a side note in a thread like this, because nobody likes
to read long juridical convoluted statements.

Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Being honest and factual is the only reason I even replied to this now train wreck of a thread
Yes, + 1.
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