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Permission denied!

This means you are not logged on as administrator and VLC is not allowed to write to the extensions directory. You can avoid this by using an user account with admin rights or by adding the mkvMergePath.txt manually. (Or you set the permission individual for VLC and the user. But I have no idea of how to do this.)

To do it manually, create a text file with the name mkvMergePath.txt and paste the path to mkvMerge.exe in it. (first line)
For example: c:/program files/mkvtoolnix/mkvMerge.exe (shift + right click on mkvmerge.exe -> copy as path, remove "" and other formatting signs.)
Save this text file manually next to the extension.

To explain what happened: The extension needs the path to work correctly so it searches for the mkvMergePath.txt. If there is no such file it will be created and the extension asks for writing the path into it.
I thought this would be the best way. But its seems that this leads into problems if the writing permission is not allowed. Maybe someone has an idea of how to handle this in a better way.

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