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Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
Many thanks.

I mean, if you have a "program files" as default directory, why wont you allow white spaces for it? "" Would be enough but this doesn't work in any case.
I know it seems silly and it kind of is. Surrounding the entire path with quotes should work depending. The reason spaces are an issue without additional treatment (in more than just windows) ties back to this:

In many areas of computing, but particularly in the command line, the space character can cause problems as it has two distinct and incompatible functions: as part of a command or parameter, or as a parameter or name separator. Ambiguity can be prevented either by prohibiting embedded spaces in file and directory names in the first place (for example, by substituting them with underscores _), or by enclosing a name with embedded spaces between quote characters or using an escape character before the space, usually a backslash (\).
I empathize with how much grief it can cause. The most frustrating issues occur when passing the path around between scripts/apps.
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