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Originally Posted by HDWind View Post
Thanks for the script, very usefull.
I split my mkv file with "AC3 audio" and got a new audio "AC3_cut" with "Delay relative to video : 24 ms".
Delay is visible in MediaInfo.

It would be useful to make splits without delays.

Can you fix it?

there are probably some downsides relating to sound/video synchronization. But this is made by mkvToolnix. You have to understand that mkvMerge gets the timestamps and tries to cut as near as possible at the given timestamp. But it only is able to cut exactly on keyframes (codec kexframes) because in some codecs those are the only non-interpolated frames at all.
For example: If every 13th frame is a keyframe, all frames in between will be interpolated from the decoder. Its not possible to cut a video on an interpolated frame without re-encoding (with loss) except if you save every decoded frame (like in Reapers preview, where every interpolated frame is displayed as solid frame) uncompressed.

For me its impossible to change mkvToolnix's behavior as the script has no idea where the keyframes are. If you want to cut it manually and have a lot more options you should use the "> Clipboard" button to copy all timestamps into the clipboard. After copying you could open the video with mkvToolnix gui and paste the timesptamps in the output panel after choosing the right split option (split based on timestamps). I'm not sure if you have the ability to get rid of your problem. And I even have no idea why you get this delay. It could be the case that audio and video get split separately while audio gets split exactly on point and video only at nearest point on keyframe.

I will take a look as soon as possible if there is a solution for that.


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