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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Yep. This thread.

But I don't even know what exactly is meant by "song switching".
I want to be able to switch projects pressing one key.
For example, I've a project for every song, in a show it could be 7-10 songs, so there are 7-10 projects, I want to start from song 1 and pressing one key close song 1 and go to song 2, then with the same key close song 2 and go to song 3, and another key to go to the previous project.
I've used the script song switcher, but the script works with one project within all the songs, it's too heavy and when I'm playing lots of keys in my piano the sound loses quality.

I've write this in python:

import os, sys, pyautogui, time

os.system("x-terminal-emulator -e /bin/bash")
pyautogui.typewrite('xdg-open song1')'enter')
pyautogui.hotkey('alt', 'f4')

That works but it's awful, and painful to change between setlist. I've to edit all the python files that is one for every song, and I've to know how many seconds every song lasts and it can't change backwards.
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