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Originally Posted by Colemapt View Post
I'm try to make my life easier when it comes to quantizing guitar parts to the grid. However ive learned a great trick to make the dynamic split tool super accurate, that trick is to filter out all sound below 1000 HZ that way the only transient and sound is that of the guitar pick, making it super easy to see when each note is being played. Here is what i want to do:

Create a duplicate of the track

Apply a High Pass filter at 1000 Hz to the duplicate

Freeze the duplicate track to mono

Dynamic Split the duplicate track (using the write stretch markers to selected items action instead of the split)

"Propagate take to all similarly named active takes"

"Stretch Markers in selected item" / "Snap to grid"

Delete the duplicate track....

All with one shortcut... Is this possible? It seems like a lot but the only issues I'm having right now is getting the plugin onto the track with a macro command and getting passed the dynamic split without having to press enter. It would save me so much time editing tracks if this is possible.

EDIT: I DID IT and it works amazing, I am new to this forum and want to share my action with everyone, is there a specific place i should upload it to??
Sure, open a new thread specifically for your script. Welcome to the forums
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