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after removing flapak & snapd I have also installed the new kernel 5.0.0-27-lowlatency (prior 4.18) now it works as fast as it should ;-)
Just one little issue is left w/ reaper 5.983 and latest linvst I see many VST xruns, which occur only in reaper but not in audacity or mixbus ...
any idea?
KDENeon (5.0.0-36-lowlatency) AMD FX-8350, 16GB, GT 630 (nvidia-435), Multiscreen (2x 22", 1x 15"), Reaper (latest) Theme: iLogic Next, Interface: Tascam US-16x08, ControlSurface: Tascam US-2400, Monitors: JBL 4412A, Tascam VL-S3 & Alesis Elevate 3 mkII
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