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i run reaper on kubuntu/kxstudio with four monitors and an nvidia card. i had nothing but trouble with every other desktop environment in that i could never get desktop icons in a layout i wanted.

de's other than kde ALL caused endless problems. these all stemmed from my wanting my 65" 4k display set up above three smaller (roughly 1680x1050 or so, each) that's how my room is set up: three across my console and the big one up on the wall. i wanted my gui desktop to mimic my physical environment. EVERY other de found it pretty much impossible to deal with not putting desktop icons in the upper left of the workspace.

in my case, the upper left of the workspace is the bigscreen which i use for video display. that means i want my icons on the lower right monitor so they won't become inaccessible behind reaper's video window. WAY too complicated a request for the likes of things like xfce (which i love and really wanted to use). kde was the only de i could get to give me a quick drag/drop of icons to my desktop in places i actually want them.

i tried MANY distros and MANY de's and had to come back to kde because of all of this. if you are using three monitors, you're probably fine as long as you stick to side-by-side, but, be aware that once you start stacking your layout, you may have problems with anything not kde. i did.

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