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I am not sure what warble means but,
I do hear what sounds like a bit of fret noise, as someone else mentioned.

What is the context? Is this in a mix that is dense or is it going to be one of the only things playing, more isolated?
If its in a mix I don't think it will be that noticeable, but hard to say without hearing the mix.

Is it a genre of music that needs to be more pristine-if so I would replay it? If you like a more organic sound, I think minor fret noises and such give it character, to a point of course. Whether something is too distracting or unpleasant is somewhat of a judgement call. A lot a times, it is easy to get overly sensitive to something once you notice it when no one else will or it is much less obvious than you think.

If you don't want to re-record and try to avoid sliding your fingers or lubricating the strings, then I second the dynamic EQ suggestion, which can be very transparent, do you use dynamic EQs? I use waves F6 and it works very well, very transparent. The dynamic EQ only kicks in when the frequencies you dial in exceed a certain threshold, like a compressor, so that it leaves the rest of the track untouched, only kicking in as needed so as not to damage the sound when it is not needed. Of course it can be overdone, so adjust the threshold and gain reduction for that balance(sorry if you knew that).

If all else fails and it is important to you, re-record! (maybe try lubricating the strings with something, might decrease the squeak?)
Good luck!
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