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Originally Posted by Tiny Tortoise View Post
Anyway, every time I think a mix is done and I render it out, it always pays to take a final* listen to the entire file, just in case I notice anything out of place. I'd recommend you (everyone, really) do that if there's time to do so. It makes for pretty effective quality assurance and only takes a small time investment relative to the rest of the mixing work.

Here's a quote from me earlier this month that MAY make some of that comment seem un-necessary...

Originally Posted by PVinKC View Post
I'm basically done with mine Just letting my ears rest a day or so then I'll give it another listen to see if I hear anything that sticks out or not.
That was posted on October 15th. I literally always do what you stated. Also I addressed the hat issue stating that I believe it's something to do with the gate/exp settings in Sheps. But thanks all the same. In short...I listened and didn't hear what your speaking of. However my monitoring situation is FAR from optimal. I mix either on my cans (ATM50's) or with my Creative Labs Surround Sound (gaming) system with tiny speakers. Then I use my sole working Alesis M1 Active monitor to listen in Mono mode to check the mix. Afterward I bounce to MP3 and email it to myself and go listen on my phone in the garage and in my car via Bluetooth.

I'm HOPING that I can manage to guilt my wife into purchasing a set of Kali LP6's for Christmas. But for now I have what I have, and just have to make it work. It's not all bad. But mixing ITB with Cans sucks in my opinion although it DOES allow me to hear things how they actually sound without much coloration. It exaggerates the stereo separation as you well know and lacks the body that the room does (or can) provide.

I'm mixing in my bedroom which is about 10' wide and 25-30''s far from an ideal environment to say the least.
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