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its funny, but using a warez version of reaper is sooooo retarded because the trial version is totally untimlimited and uncrippled.

you could use it totally for free if you wanted, no one the wiser except you and your conscience. I dont really know of any other company who does this.

some may say (likely underinformed), sure, justin can "afford" it, but regardless of his financial standing, which is no ones business and does anyone really know anyway --- the thing is, every dev wants recognition for his work, knowing that people are interested, that people are tuning in -- and i know Justin is no different.

That being said, Justin has been very resposive to the needs of his user base. And by buying his product, you are showing your support of him and his work, which is, in turn supporting US, the musicians, engineers, producers, etc....

i think one of the best things is portability....

lets say you dont have your reg info with you.

no problem, it doesnt matter at all. Just download the <2 meg file from the website, and fire it up on any pc, and record. when you are done, take the work with you, and load it on your home/studio pc.

its just great.
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