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you forgot reverberate LE!

excellent free convolution reverb. zero latency.

i agree that epicverb sounds beautiful but i had too many problems with it - occassional crashes, sometimes the gui wouldn't appear or would take ages to load and things generally got worse the more instances i had in a project. that was quite a long time ago now though so the dev may have fixed a few problems now. the only reverb plugs in my folder now - ambience (i was lucky enough to get the nagfree version), reverberate LE and both the PSP freebies - pianoverb and springverb (only available from a CM cover disc). takes care of pretty much everything.

my favourite freeware vendors are probably voxengo and jeroen breebaart. all their plugs seem to be very well coded - never experienced any problems at all. oh and of course the digitalfishphones package (blockfish, spitfish and floorfish).

my absolute favourite freebie of all time...

frohmage by ohmforce - couldn't live without it. it sits somewhere in the plugin chain on many, many tracks in my projects.
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