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Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
Hi Spk77!

Above all, thank you very, very, very, much for this great tool!! It was one of the few things I really missed in Reaperīs midi toolbox. In the image of your first post you seem to apply the tool, besides the velocities, to a bunch of CCs, but I must be wrong since it seems to work only for velocities. Have you thought, as another poster asked, to do a CC version of it? I see you are planning a pitch version, so if you could complete the set with a CC version, it would be absolutely killer for all of us midi users! Excuse me if I ended up asking for something besides giving you thanks, but I couldnīt resist the temptation...

What you did is really helpful...
Yes, I'm adjusting velocities in the first post. I'll try to make a CC version also - I think I just convert this "velocity version" to work with selected CC events (for now).
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