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Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
Right, but then Max seems to be more interested in making experiments than in following a structured diagnostic scheme... For instance, we can't cross off HDD issues prior to SMART review, can we?
I'm not pointing fingers, just sayin' we gotta cross items off that list at some point. IIRC, early on he said he completely swapped out the RAM so maybe that can be crossed off for the time being?

I'm going a little old school here since I haven't been on the desktop side in years but what happened to the good ole days when SMART warned you at boot time if there were issues? That's really the thing that doesn't add up for me with chasing the HDDs, the frequency of the crashes far outnumber any other HDD indicators.

Lastly the Special Pool crash above is a driver-level protection mechanism. I might possibly be able to find that exact driver if Max provides the mini dump that goes with that error. I may have a copy of an earlier but don't remember.
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